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The Supreme Being
Modern science has gone so far as to advocate the rise of man from mud and clay alone, has denied to him even a semblance of a soul, and so has not only solved none of the problems of the humanities, but has aided and abetted godless totalitarian governments which seek nothing less than the engulfment and enslavement of all men and the extinguishment of every spark of decency in the breast of every human being.

These two tracks which have led away from the affirmation of the existence of a Supreme Being—modern science and totalitarianism—are bringing man into a machinelike state of being where the ideal has become a lump of muscle, greasy with sweat, or grimy mechanic serving a howling monster of steel.

The arts, the humanities and the decencies are fallen away from, until they are like tiny stars shining across a great, black void.

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