Infinity Symbol
The Supreme Being
The abandonment of the admission of a Supreme Being as a reality, intimate to the life of man, makes prostitution the ideal conduct of a woman, perfidy and betrayal the highest ethic level attainable by a man, and obliteration by treachery, bomb and gun the highest goal attainable by a culture.

Thus, there is no great argument about the reality of Supreme Being, since one sees, in the failure to countenance that reality, a slimy and loathsome trail downward into the most vicious depth.

This is a sad and piteous thing. No empire one has studied in any former day had ever become so depraved and godless in its senility as the overall average of the societies of man in the world today. It is no wonder that an ideology—which holds that man, generation after generation, can be molded into mindless machine parts, that there is no destiny for the individual beyond his place as an emotionless, rigidly held cog in a dully, hopelessly grinding social wheel—commands of its minions the destruction and eradication from any society of the producer, the individualist, the thinker or any noble man.

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